Wage Levy (Wage Garnishment)

If Your Wages Have Been Garnished – We Can Help

If you have not responded to the IRS notices and demands for payment that were mailed to you, the next stop is for them to garnish your wages. They will take most of your paycheck and not leave you enough to live on. They can also take money from your Social Security check

Getting a wage garnishment released can be impossible if you do not know the tax laws. At Fiscal solutions LLC, we know how to get a garnishment released, and then negotiate a settlement with the IRS for your back taxes.

The owner of Fiscal Solutions LLC, Randy Lewis, was an IRS Revenue Officer for 20 years. He garnished the wages of taxpayers all the time, so he knows exactly how to resolve the problem for you. He knows how the IRS works from being on the inside, and he can help you!

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