Unfiled Personal Tax Returns

Are you overdue on filing your tax returns?

At some point, everyone is left wondering how to catch up on their unfiled tax returns. It’s something you have to do every year, and if you’ve put it off for a few years, it may become a serious problem for you. The problem can grow if you keep delaying it. Penalty for filing taxes late can mess up everything, and IRS can make life a living hell for you. Even if you are not punished, you can still get into a lot of difficulties. They collect fines and penalties on outstanding taxes if you haven’t submitted them.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Unfiled Taxes

If you have not filed some federal (1040) joint tax return, unfiled tax return, or State tax returns, we can take care of that for you. Our experienced, licensed tax professionals can prepare your prior-year returns for you and get them filed. We will get a Protection Order from the IRS to not take action against you while developing a resolution that works out best for you.

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