Other Complex Tax Problems

Other Complex Tax Problems

Sometimes individuals and businesses have less common, more complex issues with the IRS. If there’s something you’re having trouble understanding and it’s causing you a lot of stress, allow us to assist you! With our immense knowledge, there’s nothing we can’t solve at Fiscal Solutions.

There are a variety of IRS tax problems that can arise. We are more than well-equipped to solve unique problems that one can face with the IRS. Our firm can represent you in any of these matters!

Randy Lewis is licensed by the IRS to represent any taxpayer regarding any and all matters of taxation. He is licensed in all 50 States and can represent clients regarding matters of state income taxes also.

Some of the more complex IRS tax collection issues that we can help you with are:

Lien Subordination
Lien Subrogation
Alter-Ego Liens
Nominee Liens
Suit to Reduce a Lien to a Judgement
Suit to Set Aside a Fraudulent Transfer

We can help with any IRS Collection matter you have. Call us now for additional information on IRS tax problems, and speak with an experienced, licensed tax-law specialist, (832) 507-6124

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