IRS Levies and Seizures

What is an IRS levy?

If you do not make arrangements to re-pay your back taxes, the IRS can and will seize your assets and sell them to satisfy your delinquent tax liability. Even your home is not protected from an IRS asset seizure. In addition, they will garnish your wages or any other income that you have, like Social Security benefits or a retirement pension. It is not a matter of if, but when the IRS will do this.

Avoid getting an IRS levy notice

By filing returns and paying your taxes on time, you can avoid getting an IRS tax levy. Fiscal Solutions can help you prevent getting the penalties associated with failing to file on time and arranging an extension.

Wondering what to do with an IRS Levy Notice?

We can get you a Protection Order to stop the IRS from taking these actions against you while we work with them to resolve your back-taxes issue. Call us today and speak to an experienced, licensed IRS Tax Levy and Seizure expert who can represent you against the IRS, (832) 507-6124.

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