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New IRS Program – IRS Fresh Start Initiative

New IRS Program – IRS Fresh Start Initiative Recently, the IRS has made it much easier for taxpayers to resolve their delinquent taxes. But, when you contact the IRS, you must know what to ask for, because they will not offer these easier plans to you. We can arrange for a Privacy Protection Plan where […]
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Unfiled Federal/State Business Tax Returns

Unfiled Federal/State Business Tax Returns Delinquent business tax returns are the top priority of the IRS Collection Division. If you have not filed some federal business tax returns (1120, 1065, 940/941, 2290), we can help. We can get you a Protection Order while we prepare the delinquent returns for you and get them filed as […]
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Business Back Taxes

Business Back Taxes We specialize in helping small businesses with IRS tax problems. If you owe the IRS corporate income taxes, employment taxes (Social Security, Medicare, FUTA), or excise taxes, we can help you. We start by getting a Protection Order from the IRS so they will not take any actions against you while we […]
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Personal Back Taxes

Personal Back Taxes If you owe the IRS back taxes, and you have received threatening letters from them, it can be very intimidating. The IRS does not issue idle threats. If they say in a letter that they will seize your assets or your paycheck, they will do it. It is not a matter of […]
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Make the IRS STOP

Stop IRS Collection Actions Immediately If you qualify, there are ways to get the IRS to put your account on hold, and the IRS will cease and desist trying to collect your back taxes from you. We have negotiated hundreds of cases like this with the IRS, and if you qualify, we can do it […]
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Wage Levy (Wage Garnishment)

Wage Levy (Wage Garnishment) If you have not responded to the letters that the IRS sent you that threaten to garnish your wages to re-pay your back taxes, or perhaps you did not get the letters because you moved, the IRS will garnish your wages and leave you with very little money each payday. You […]
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Payroll/Employment Taxes Owed

Payroll/Employment Taxes Owed Payroll/Employment taxes and unfiled returns are the IRS’s highest priority to collect. They will take swift enforcement actions (liens, levies, seizures) to collect them which could leave you financially ruined in no time at all. Being out of compliance with these taxes can destroy your business and ruin your personal finances very […]
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Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty When a corporation or partnership owes withholding taxes and does not pay it to the government, the officers, directors, and some employees can be held personally liable for these taxes. If the company goes out of business or files bankruptcy, the IRS can come after the responsible individuals personally for the […]
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Unfiled Personal Tax Returns

Unfiled Personal Tax Returns If you have not filed some federal (1040) or State tax returns, we can take care of that for you. Our experienced, licensed tax professionals can prepare your prior-year returns for you and get them filed. The we will get a Protection Order from the IRS so that they will not […]
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Tax Liens

Tax Liens A federal tax lien is the government’s legal claim against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt. The lien protects the government’s interest in all your property, including real estate, personal property and financial assets. A federal tax lien exists after the IRS: Puts your balance due on […]
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