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Highly demanded in Texas, our exceptional experience in the tax litigation practice at Fiscal Solutions offers reasonably priced tax resolution services to a diverse range of clients, all over the state. Irrespective of your corporate profile, if you are continually seeking tax resolution services and IRS solutions for tax relief, we assure you that we have achieved successful results in complicated and polemical tax disputes with the IRS Global Industry.

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Why Do You Need Fiscal Solutions, LLC for Specialized Tax Solutions And IRS Tax Help?

At Fiscal Solutions, we ensure that our diverse niche pool of clientele is satisfied with our tax resolution services. We deal with a limited number of clients per month to ensure optimum service.  We are well aware of the stress that our respectful clients have to face for being indebted to the IRS and continually fear the consequence of this debt, often undertaken by the state government, that may involve wage garnishment or seizure of assets, in case of non-payment.

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Break Free From the IRS While Sitting on Your Hands With These Tax Resolution Services

Hence, we ensure that when you dial our number, our customer service will direct your call to a professional IRS revenue officer, with vast experience in the relevant division. They will not only guide you with beneficial information on tax relief services and IRS solutions but his prior knowledge about how IRS works aims to help innocent victims like you, to protect you from the government misusing their authority.

Being a tax relief company, the professional revenue officers at Fiscal Solutions, Texas are licensed to operate litigation cases in 50 states and actively represent any taxpayer, living in any part of the country, with federal tax issues and IRS tax help.

Professional Tax Resolution at Your Service

Our Legal Teams are always ready to assist clients with their most complex legal concerns!

Being well-versed in a wide array of state-wide legal practice areas, our teams of attorneys consistently remain available for their clients and adeptly provide them with the accurate information to make informed decisions while skillfully navigating the legal system for custom-made services and innovative solutions for their contentious legal matters of IRS tax help.

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We are famous for

Tax Specialists at Fiscal Solutions offer a myriad of services and tax relief help to resolve all your IRS tax problems smoothly. IRS tax problems may include the following:

Back Taxes Owed

Back Taxes Owed

This is one of many areas of professional tax resolution services where our firm is well ahead of the competition.
Bank Account Levy

Bank Account Levy

People are only as good as the tools they possess. So, to consistently deliver high-quality auditing services, we make tax resolution easy for you.
Offer in Compromise

Offer in Compromise

We are providing and dealing with all sorts of legal and
tax resolution problems and matters to operate.
Penalties Erased

Penalties Erased

We are one of the best tax resolution firms that provide a range of accounting and assurance services of the highest standards.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Unlike our competitors, we have in-house qualified lawyers and accountants who can help and go through the tax resolution process with you.
Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

We are one of the top IRS tax resolution companies that operate an atmosphere that promotes a creative approach for clients’ needs.
Audit Representation

Audit Representation

An IRS audit is a review/examination of a company, organization, or individual tax return to ensure that the information is reported correctly.
Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

In order to help small businesses keep their financial affairs in order on a monthly basis, we offer top-notch bookkeeping and business tax resolution services.
IRS Collection Representation

IRS Collection Representation

If you contact the IRS on your own, without knowing the tax laws that regulate negotiating with them, the IRS will do whatever is in…

How Does the Tax Relief Service at Fiscal Solutions, LLC Work?

At Fiscal Solutions, LLC we follow a strategic methodology to implement a customized approach for immediate tax resolution.

The preliminary consultation takes place after the client has contacted us via phone or email. A meeting is set with one of our professional revenue officers and the entire scenario is presented to better assess the situation. This initial consultation is usually an hour-long or so.

Next, a detailed financial analysis is drafted and various options are discussed with the client to utilize the best method that also falls under budget limitations. Once the strategy is finalized, the team takes complete charge of the case, keeping the client in the loop with the different phases of the process.

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Fiscal Solutions holds over 30 years of extensive experience in extending outstanding business tax resolution for optimum IRS tax help so that you receive a superior tax relief service for all your IRS tax problems. Our firm has successfully earned the trust and established a top position nationwide.


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Our clients are always advised to seek professional representation for IRS Tax Resolution services as there could be serious implications that could easily be smoothed out through professional experts who have been among the pioneers in the country!

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Our rate varies depending on the complexity of your IRS problem. We have been doing this kind of representation for over 30 years, and we are exceptionally good at it. For most clients, we charge one all-inclusive flat fee for the entire case, from start to finish. We usually do not charge by the hour, so you always know the cost. No gimmicks! We want to solve your IRS problem, not run up unnecessary hourly fees. We can break down the fees into payments to make it easier for you in many cases. Our fees are based on the time involved in resolving your case. Less complicated tax returns start at a few hundred dollars, IRS tax-resolution representation starts at about $500.

If you are wondering how do tax resolution services work, here’s a summary of the process we have explained for you. After an initial free consultation with you, we work on most of our tax-resolution cases in 3 stages. Evaluation: We contact the IRS for you and determine the entire scope of your tax problem. It allows us to develop a comprehensive strategy to present how we feel that your case can be resolved most favorably for you. We will explain it all to you and outline your best options. Then you tell us how you want us to proceed on your behalf. Compliance: We make sure that you have filed all tax returns that you are responsible for. If returns need to be filed, we can provide that service for you before we proceed further. It is an IRS requirement before they discuss a resolution for your case. Resolution: After you are in complete filing compliance, we will contact the IRS to finish the resolution phase of your case. After that, your tax problem will be resolved, and you will know exactly where you stand with the IRS. NO MORE SURPRISES, NO MORE STRESS.

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